Maybe Someone
Will change the World


ONE DAY  is a young non-profit organization based in Germany. We follow a strong, but simple baseline: Everyone can contribute towards making the world a little bit better.

Our focus in all our projects: Strengthening child rights, empower and give hope to bring positive changes to the lives of children.


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Key Dates



In early 2020, I told my boyfriend: “I think I’ll release a magazine at some point.” A few days later, this plan was then added to the “Goals List” during our ONE DAY team meeting. Back then, I had no idea that this concept would become a reality so soon.

I had just found out that I was pregnant, and thousands of thoughts for the year ahead were rushing through my mind: How would I manage it all? How could I be a good mother and keep ONE DAY running at the same time? And then along came the pandemic and messed up all of our plans. For ONE DAY, the resulting lockdowns meant that none of our fundraising events could take place that year. Essential revenue on which the lives of people on the other side of the world depend were gone, just like that. My chest immediately felt tight, and I was sick to my stomach. When searching for a solution to this sudden problem, my idea flashed into my mind again – an opportunity in challenging times. We decided to explore this opportunity, and it wasn’t long until we were holding our first magazine in our hands.

The result of this development is available as a paper publication (click here) and a digital version to read and leaf through as and when you wish. Our ONE DAY Magazine, which is currently only available in German, is a publication that aims to appeal to people like you – especially in these times of “social distancing”. The magazine is an invitation for you to come on a journey with us. We want to tell you stories that show things from a new perspective. Stories about people whom you have never met. About tales of fate that make us question the concept of justice in the world. These stories may inspire you to question the status quo. They will give you the opportunity to explore new realms of thought or take a different look at established values. After reading this magazine, you may well take a new approach to your ongoing search for meaning, happiness and satisfaction. Maybe you will stop searching for the meaning of life altogether and instead focus on giving it meaning YOURSELF. Or maybe you will experience a stronger desire to play a part in making changes and your own personal impact on the world. Whatever effect it may have, we invite you to join us on this journey and take a look behind the scenes of ONE DAY. Discover the beauty and humanity that inspire us every day. Find out more about the injustice and fate that motivate us to take action. Explore the opportunity to spark change and play a part. Grab the chance to be thankful for who you are and what you have.

We’re delighted to see you here!
Saskia Schmidt