BABYMILK for a child in Sierra Leone


Lieferzeit: 5-7 days



The young mothers in our HOPE project in Sierra Leone are all under the age of 18 and have been sexually abused. As a result of the abuse, they became pregnant. We support them in a very dark and challenging time. We give hope. In the HOPE Shelter mother and child can get used to each other. We support this as good as possible. Our social workers provide psychological care, we provide both medical care and educate them about their rights.

Often the girls are only 14 years old (or younger) and malnourished. Breastfeeding is not always possible. In exceptional cases we support with baby milk powder. This is given out once a month to our HOPE moms. For this purpose, the mothers come to our shelter, meet our social workers and receive milk powder cans if needed. They have to return the empty cans to us. We take the opportunity to examine and weigh the babies every month. Mothers can talk to our social workers during this time. We can thus give HOPE babies a fair and healthy start in life.


This is where your heroic act comes into play. You make sure a baby grows up healthy and gets all the nutrients it needs through baby milk.
In addition, you give the young mother the freedom to go back to school or start an education in certain time windows, because the baby can be cared for by a third person.

PS: We would like to emphasize, that we only provide babymilk if breastfeeding is not an option. Whenever it is possible, we choose to support the natural feeding of the baby.
From the 6th month we also refrain from buying the baby milk powder and produce the baby food ourselves in the shelter.
We ask for your understanding that in the limited market of Sierra Leone we do not have the possibility to avoid certain products and brands.