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The strongest superpower we have at our hands? EDUCATION. One problem with this: school attendance is not possible without a school uniform. And since the wardrobe doesn’t have too much else to offer, shoes, pants and shirts are often worn for leisure as well. However, the caregivers of ONE DAY orphans in Kalia cannot afford school uniforms.

In Kalia we were able to build 6 new classrooms together with another organization. We currently pay the teachers’ salaries as well, and in return, school fees are dropped and access to education is made possible for all children. Books needed in the first 6 grades were also provided. School uniforms wear out, however, especially because they are worn almost permanently. This year we need 56 new uniforms.

school uniform

This is where your heroic act comes into play. You make sure that this child can go to school, is not denied access to education, can dress appropriately and has at least one pair of shoes “in the closet”. The clothing also protects against mosquito bites and, last but not least, fills the person wearing the uniform with pride.