GOAT COUPLE for the people of Sierra Leone


Lieferzeit: 5-7 days



The ONEDAY SUPER-POWER-GOATS produce not only delicious hero milk AND great fertilizer, but also baby goats, which are passed on within the goat project and in the long term should enable a self-sufficient life for inhabitants of Sierra Leone.

Your donation will be used within our agricultural projects, these are designed to promote self-sufficient living. Your donation will be used exactly where it is needed. Your heroic act for One Day e.V. is tax deductible as a donation. The bank transfer receipt is sufficient as proof of donation.


Caregivers of our children, carefully selected, receive a pair of goats from us. The goats do not only help the people to take better care of themselves, but they can also sell the obtained products, such as goat milk. Once the goats have offspring, the first two kids must be given on to people in the community. The further offspring may stay with the caregivers of our children and build up a herd of goats, which in the long run will enable our principle of “help for self-help” a sustainable self-sufficiency.

Your donation will not only cover the purchase of the pair of goats, but will also be used within our goat project for food, the animals’ vaccinations or the maintenance of a stable enclosure.